Saturday, July 21, 2018

Flower Art

Whenever I see a field of daisies I have to take a picture. Always hear the line, "Don't you think daisies are the friendliest flower" when I take the shot. Thought a little pencil edit improved the look. Movie line is from 'You've Got Mail', of course.

Friday, July 20, 2018

Door County Sunset

Was up in Door County all week with my camera on me 90% of the time, looking for shots. Of course, the best opportunity hit, all I had was my cell phone. So, this is a cell phone shot of a sailboat crossing the horizon as the sun gave us a beautiful sunset.

Monday, July 16, 2018

Buckingham Fountain at Night

Super wide angle shot of the Buckingham Fountain at night. Very popular spot for tourists and everyone else apparently who is out late on a summer weeknight.

Sunday, July 15, 2018

Light and Airy wedding shot

This style of photography is all the rage today in weddings. Light and airy look with no or almost no flash. This shot is on the retaining wall near the planetarium on Lake Michigan. Fun models to shoot. Very photogenic.

Saturday, July 14, 2018

Model Behavior #2

This is my (rather poor) attempt to create a dramatic bridal shot somewhat in the style of Michael Anthony or Sal Cincotta. Not liking the outcome much but it was a fun attempt. Like yesterday, maybe it is more interesting to see the before picture. Remember, nothing you see in photography is real. Here is the proof:
So, Michael Anthony, who was setting up the shot, was in the primary position. I was standing just behind watching the action. That caused a problem when I decided to edit this picture as I normally would want the top of the building in the shot. As I wasn't really shooting, I just took a shot of the initial set up. Michael's wife is doing the 'fluff and run' honors to get the veil to catch the wind.

Michael was shooting using the ProPhoto B1 being held by an assistant (actually, an amazing photographer in his own right and one of the owners of SylkMarti Studio in Chicago). I didn't use the light on my shot. My interest was originally just watching the set up. This meant that I had to "relight" the bride and groom in post by separating them from the background in Photoshop and adding some light. I started to adjust the background to add drama:

First step in editing this shot is to do a second shot with them out of the frame. I forget to do that so I had to erase the human light stand out using Photoshop. The better way is to take a "frame" shot without moving the camera and then use that as a bottom layer. This gives a clean edit when taking out the assistants. Again, I am not going for competition so erasing them out and trying to clean up the edit by copy and pasting on the stairs also worked. Worked on editing the background to add drama and to keep the light on the bride and groom. As it was easier to keep the light on the bride so I decided eventually to take the groom out of the shot. He wasn't doing anything to make the picture better. I might have extended their hands towards each other to give more of a connection. So, taking him out was the better choice. 

I thought I would stop with this edit, but I didn't really like it. I think the final shot where I take out some of the color adds more drama. I'm in danger of doing this as a selected color shot which is a no-no for professional photographers. Very cheesy and overdone. Michael Anthony's style is a final shot that has its color suppressed. My attempt needs work but not bad for a first try. 

Thursday, July 12, 2018

Model Behavior

I always hesitate to call these shots totally mine when I am at a photo class. I didn't hire the model or set the pose. However, I did do a lot of original things with this particular shot so it is a bit of my style. This shot was from a Michael Anthony photo class that I took over the past two days. Michael is an amazing wedding and portrait photographer working out of Los Angles and doing fantastic work out there. This class was on off-camera lighting and how to overpower the sun to get a dramatic shot. While Michael was shooting up the length of the veil to my left, I shifted to put the sun in the frame and switched to my brand new Sigma fisheye lens. It distorts the image but gives a wonderful view when used from very low and very high angles. The original shot is shown below. Obviously, extensively edited, but I knew I would like the shot from the moment I hit the shutter. The editing balanced the lighting on her dress, fixed the hair, smoothed the skin, added drama to the skies, cropped, took out some of the distortion in the body and removed the light stands from my lights and the other photographers. Fun shot and wonderful model.

Wednesday, July 11, 2018