Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Eclipsed Sun, Moon and Mercury

Mercury is there, quite visible just off to the left of the sun but naked eye I didn't see it. I think the corona was too bright to see Mercury with the naked eye, but I forgot to look. (Correction: my older son Michael, which much better eyes, saw it easily--so I stand corrected.) To see it in camera, I darkened the sky and it pops out easily. Most eclipse shots with the sky dark like this are a bit of a fake as the sky is not pitch black dark during an eclipse. It was a really dark blue to the naked eye. As to the other planets, we all did easily see Venus to the west and Jupiter, to the east. Despite the traffic on the way back and the heat during the day, this was as great an event especially having many family members around. Wish we could have had more, especially Jono and Sam. They are first up next time. April 2024 here we come (and maybe a trip to South America to see another one sooner???)

Monday, August 21, 2017

Solar Eclipse Diamond Ring

Too tired to post anything except this one shot. Got a nice one with the sun coming out of the solar eclipse so you see the corona, the eclipsed sun with the moon over its face and part of the sun peaking out from behind a gap in a lunar mountain to give the ring effect. More tomorrow. I am too exhausted to do anything but share this post.

Sunday, August 20, 2017

Getting Eclipse Ready--China 2009 Part 2

This was our view of the eclipse through the rain and the clouds in Beijing in 2009. While the picture doesn't look like much, we did get to see the eclipse, which at that point we thought we would be totally clouded out. As Stephanie described in her Facebook post yesterday, this is a visual event but it is also a full body event. You feel many experiences happening all at once. The change in temperature, the strange visual sight, the confusing sounds of animals heading to shelter for the night, the wonder of it all. And that was through clouds and rain. I would like to see one in the clear sky one day. Heading to southern Illinois this weekend and hope to get lucky with the weather. If not, there is always April 2024!!!

Totality. Not a great shot but a great memory.
 A celebratory post glass of Champagne.
 As I said in yesterday's post, Stephanie was a rock star in China.

 We were getting rained on at this point.

Saturday, August 19, 2017

Getting Eclipse Ready--China 2009

Being taught about the Tiananmen Square massacre from a local tour guide.

Traditional tourist shot of the Imperial Palace.

Stephie would attract a lot of attention with her red hair and smile where ever we went. She was like a rock star here near the site of the Olympic Village. People were lining up to take pictures with her.

We got to sit in a lecture by famous eclipse weather forecaster and eclipse chaser, Jay Anderson, who even with this coming eclipse, is the go-to expert on chances for clear skies on eclipse day.

People would gather in this park in Beijing every day to dance and play music. A wonderful (and free) way to get exercise and enjoy the day. They do this every day.

The shot below is our eclipse location. And yes, it is 100% cloud cover at this point. More on the blog tomorrow.

Stephie and I got to see a total eclipse, through the clouds and rain in a trip to China in 2009. She said, "Dad, I going with you because you are paying and because it is China. Don't expect me to go all ga-ga over the eclipse." Now, she is so excited to see this eclipse 7 years later, she is totally prepared for this one and helping me get family members to southern Illinois. Stephie is a great traveler (she packs very light) and I can't wait to see another eclipse with her. Hope we get better weather than last time, but there is always Texas in 6 years. Tomorrow, I will repost what we saw through the clouds.

Friday, August 18, 2017

Illinois State Fair Funnel Cakes

I can't speak to the Funnel Cakes but we were looking for the fried brownies. Saw some earlier in the day, but couldn't find them later on. Found a whole building of ice cream, the dairy building and had the best ice cream that I have ever had. Worth going to the Illinois State Fair, just for that.

Sunday, August 13, 2017

Pink Sunset at the Illinois State Fair

Got to enjoy a quick trip to the Illinois State Fair in Springfield and caught these travelers during a beautiful pink sunset.

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Summer In the City

A typical summer scene in Chicago.