Friday, March 5, 2010

Hawaiian Sunrise

I thought I would stay with the water theme and search the hard drive for shots near water. Today's shot was taken on a work trip to Hawaii. Decided to get up early before meetings for a couple of shots. The great thing about traveling west is you automatically become a morning person, especially in Hawaii where you are waking up at 4 am thinking it is mid-morning (and it is back home). This shot was taken near Diamond Head, which is to my back as I looked to the sun rising in the east.

If you think the colors are weird for a picture, you are right, in a sense. Your eye sees many more levels of light than is possible for a camera. However, you can trick a camera to "see" the scene as your eye sees it. Basically, you take a series of pictures on a tri-pod from overexposed (to catch the details in the shadows) to underexposed (to catch colors in the bright areas). Then in the computer you combine the pictures using special software. This is called High Dynamic Range or HDR photography. You might think this is "cheating" but all pictures are a representation of the real scene. HDR brings the scene much more like it was in person. Enjoy.