Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Two Winning Shots

Coke Machine -- Honorable Mention

New York Rise Against -- Award

Two of my photos won awards (out of four that were submitted) at the Chicago Area Camera Club Association (CACCA) Spring Salon. CACCA is an association of camera clubs in the Chicagoland area. I am a member of the Naperville club. In March CACCA sponsors a Spring Salon (a juried show), where club members and the general public may enter their prints, slides and digital projected images in various divisions. At the end of the year there are judgings held for the best prints, slides and digital images of the Year. My shot of the Coke machine (posted on this blog on February 3rd) won an honorable mention and my shot of New York 8th street (originally posted on February 11) won an award. Pretty cool for my first photo contest. Normally, urban shots don't score very high as CACCA seems to go more for landscapes in exotic places. Anyway, a nice piece of recognition.