Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Okie-Tex Star Party

I realized looking through my portfolio that I didn't post any shots from my astronomy travel. Back in 2006 a buddy and I drove to a "star party" near the Oklahoma/Texas border. We were joined there by about 300 other astronomy geeks who got together in one of the darkest places in the United States. There are no towns, no lights, houses for miles and miles and miles. You get a completely dark sky in those locations, great for astronomy. Anyway, this is from a shot over the bluff looking down on some of the camp site. Fun trip, although that year every tent got blown away by the remnants of a hurricane that came up from the gulf. My camp site is down there in the center of the shot. I had a camper that year so we stayed warm and dry and got great views of the summer skies. Can't wait to go back there again someday.

Ok, that was a little scary, although true climbers would not be nervous at all. Getting up there was a bit of a climb, but you got a great view of Table Mountain and the bluffs around this beautiful region of Oklahoma.