Monday, December 19, 2016

Model Shoot

I thought I would post two more shots with this model from my seminar earlier this year in Sedona. We were down the road from most of the rest of the group and got plenty of time to work with this young lady. This was supposed to be for a shoot for a teen fashion magazine, which promptly failed before most of these pictures got a chance to run. But it was fun working with the editors, hair and make up and the models, while trying not to screw up the photography.  The trick I learned here is to get the sky and background exposure right. Put the model in her own shadow so her face is pointing away from the sun and then add a little light to the model's face with a reflector or a flash to match the background. Fairly simple. You could add drama by under exposing the background or use the light to create shadows and highlights on the face, but the magazine want nice clean shots. Those are the easiest to do in bright sunshine anyway.