Wednesday, January 4, 2017

A favorite from 1978 or 1979

I don't have many photos from my college years at Illinois Benedictine College (now Benedictine University) in Lisle but this is one of my favorites from back in that period. Probably my best shot as a college newspaper photographer. Most of the other shots that I still have are quite terrible. Grainy and out of focus but good enough for newspaper printing at the time. This one I developed myself in a photographic darkroom from what is obviously a Halloween Party. The print has held up amazingly well as it is a scan of a shot from maybe 40 years ago. I've been taking pictures that long!!! Amazing. Don't know the people in the picture. Might not have even known them at the time as I vaguely recall not giving their names when we printed the pic in the IBC Torch, the college newspaper. This shot was at the Pub, a college bar that we had right on campus--in the basement of the main administrative building. We were probably the only college in the country with our own bar serving liquor and food late at night. Great place to hang our and have parties such as this one, until the state of Illinois shut it down. Some idiot brought to the licensing board's attention that a pub was selling beer to college students on campus, although I think the drinking age might have only been 18 at the time. Better to have a drink and walk to a dorm rather than drink and drive but that is an argument for another time--and from another time.

Anyway, going through old photos and this one came up in time to make an excellent shot of the day.