Saturday, February 6, 2010

Resting on the Sidewalk in Paris

I really like this shot of the kids from 2006 when we went to visit Nina in Paris. It looks like Stephi and Jono are saying, "are you kidding me...more pictures", I can't tell what Michael is saying or thinking (don't play him in poker) and Nina is still all smiles. By the time we went to visit Nina in Paris, she could walk a hundred miles around the city and not get tired. Funny how Nina looks exactly the same to me today, while Michael, Stephi and Jono all have changed so much. They are a great group of kids, although I haven't received the report yet from Stephi's birthday party at Michael's place. Jono came up to surprise her so that was nice. To bad Nina couldn't make it as William was sick. Oh well, love those Parisian sidewalks. Definitely can't walk two across.