Thursday, June 9, 2016

Moon shadow, moon shadow

I don't know if I was being chased by anything but that's a moon shadow, moon shadow. When the moon is a thin crescent and setting in the west it is chasing the sun down to the horizon. Can't be the earth's shadow hitting the moon, as our shadow would be going off to the east, just like the moon's own shadow. So, it is the moon's own shadow hiding its own surface that gives us a faint ring outline of the rest of the moon. I wasn't leaping and hopping as Cat Stevens described but I did run into the house to get a tripod as I couldn't hand hold the 150-600mm at 550mm with a 1/8th of a second shot. By the way, if you ever read the lyrics of Moonshadow, they make absolutely no sense. Maybe it is just me.