Thursday, November 3, 2016

A winning ticket.....or not

So, this is the story from a White Sox fan that is relieved that the Cubs have it over with. Now both sides of the city know what it is like to win a World Series. I never thought I would see a winner for the south side when we won and I am sure many Cubs fans felt that way too. Even with the over 100 wins, they had to battle and earn that win. Nothing was given from a great Cleveland team. Now the Sox have to get past both Kansas City and Cleveland with a very problematic roster. Anyway, the story of this ticket is an interesting one. When a couple of us were in Las Vegas back in March, all White Sox fans, my cousin texted me and asked me to buy a World Series ticket for the Cubs to win it all. I paid, as it turned out, $108 for the 108 years of Cubs fans to wait for a World Series win. According to the ticket, that is a $540 payout--with one problem. That ticket never made it home to Chicago. In the mess of a Vegas trip, even a calm one like we do, saw the ticket disappear. I never was able to collect the $108 from my cousin but even worse, he never got the ticket. Sad, but kind of funny as a White Sox fan. So, while I am out $108 dollars (what gets bet in Vegas stays in Vegas), I have this story which is better. Sorry, cuz, I am sorry I can't deliver a winning ticket, but your team one so good for you. I am sure you will take that trade off every time.