Monday, November 21, 2016

Shot of the Day---A Repeat and a Story

This is a shot that I previously posted probably back in the middle of 2013 since that is when I took the shot at Matthiessen State Park near Starved Rock State Park in Ottawa, Illinois. I was there for an engagement shoot for Cheryl's cousin Amber and her (now) husband Mike. They actually got engaged there but I happened to randomly suggest that as a place to meet to take pictures. Boy, was I surprised that Amber had that exact location in mind. Great minds think alike. Anyway, submitted this shot to a web site called ViewBug which hosts dozens of contest a month for excellent giveaways (for very expensive gear like free cameras) but also to get feedback to see how some of my photos rank against top flight competition. I am often surprised to see some of my favorite shots not getting many votes and others doing really well. This one did really well, beating almost 69,000 other submissions to get into the Top 10 Class rank for that contest. To win one of these things would be amazing but with something like a hundred of thousand submissions just for this one competition, it is tough to get a top rank. One reason that I think I am just an OK shooter as I sometimes make a mistake and look at the winners. Just amazing work. Shots of a lifetime kinds of things. So, I am quite happy with a Top 10 Class rank. I think this is only the second time that has happened. I had forgotten about this shot (View Bug takes photos that you submit into your folder and submits those  pictures into contests on its own---a cool feature). This was in the competition for "Shot of the Month". Anyway, so glad that Amber and Mike were game to visit the falls and I have to go back there again soon. I think both tree limbs have finally fallen so can't get this shot again--but neither can anyone else!!! Here is one of my favorites of working with Amber and Mike with that same lower falls at Matthiessen in the background. What a great couple. Enjoy!