Friday, April 7, 2017

Michael Jr in Zion

I love this shot of Michael, our tour guide, at the entrance to the Narrows, a hike he had scheduled for us down the Virgin River in Zion. This was from last month during the evening of the first day we arrived at the national park. We have people all around us taking selfies but the crowd cleared for a moment and I got this shot of Michael walking along the river. Had the flow of the river been weaker, he would have taken us down that river, which would have been an amazing hike, but we would have had to rent or purchase different hiking shoes as you must walk through the river to do that hike. Fortunately, or really unfortunately, the spring runoff was too strong and the river hike was closed as being too dangerous. It would have also been freezing cold but this is one of the premier hikes in Zion. Now, I want to go back and do it, along with Angel's Landing, another extremely challenging hike, especially if you don't like narrow ledges with thousands of foot drop offs on both sides of you. Michael was definitely pushing us out of our comfort zone (aka, the camper) to do all sorts of challenging hikes. He did Angel's Landing but he wisely chose to allow us to skip that one. However,  each hike that Michael pushed us to take, while we initially resisted, ended up being an amazing adventure. I think he has a career pushing reluctant 60 year olds to step out of their comfort zones. What an amazing trip.