Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Miller Park Pole-to-Pole

Got a chance to add another park to my Pole-to-Pole series as I was able to visit Miller Park in Milwaukee last night. This was my second visit to the park and this time the roof was closed, even though it was a relatively nice evening outside. I definitely like the park better with an open roof, but it is a nice park in any case. I also got to see first baseman Eric Thames, of the Brewers, who is on a home run tear in the month of April. I got to see him hit is 9th and 10th homers of this early season. 

I even got to time the pitch with my cellphone camera and catch his 10th home run, which you can barely see in the white streak in the upper center of the shot below. I hope this guy is not found to be dirty as his story is very inspiring, having come from a couple of seasons playing in Korea. In any case, this ball was crushed.