Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Eclipsed Sun, Moon and Mercury

Mercury is there, quite visible just off to the left of the sun but naked eye I didn't see it. I think the corona was too bright to see Mercury with the naked eye, but I forgot to look. (Correction: my older son Michael, which much better eyes, saw it easily--so I stand corrected.) To see it in camera, I darkened the sky and it pops out easily. Most eclipse shots with the sky dark like this are a bit of a fake as the sky is not pitch black dark during an eclipse. It was a really dark blue to the naked eye. As to the other planets, we all did easily see Venus to the west and Jupiter, to the east. Despite the traffic on the way back and the heat during the day, this was as great an event especially having many family members around. Wish we could have had more, especially Jono and Sam. They are first up next time. April 2024 here we come (and maybe a trip to South America to see another one sooner???)