Sunday, August 20, 2017

Getting Eclipse Ready--China 2009 Part 2

This was our view of the eclipse through the rain and the clouds in Beijing in 2009. While the picture doesn't look like much, we did get to see the eclipse, which at that point we thought we would be totally clouded out. As Stephanie described in her Facebook post yesterday, this is a visual event but it is also a full body event. You feel many experiences happening all at once. The change in temperature, the strange visual sight, the confusing sounds of animals heading to shelter for the night, the wonder of it all. And that was through clouds and rain. I would like to see one in the clear sky one day. Heading to southern Illinois this weekend and hope to get lucky with the weather. If not, there is always April 2024!!!

Totality. Not a great shot but a great memory.
 A celebratory post glass of Champagne.
 As I said in yesterday's post, Stephanie was a rock star in China.

 We were getting rained on at this point.