Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Sun, Moon and the Diamond Ring, One More Time

The original post of this shot two days ago was just after I got back from a long, long drive from southern Illinois and I didn't have time to do much editing. So, this shot is a more edited version of the diamond ring. Basically this shot is being taken between one and two seconds after third contact where the sun is starting to come back after being eclipsed. Right after this point it is too bright to even look at the sun directly and the camera would start to get blown out and even be damaged from focusing on the sun. Naked eye, you would need to put your eclipse glasses back on. I was not looking through the viewfinder, which would also be dangerous, but I was looking at the live view on the back of the camera as I took a few very quick shots as the sun came back from the eclipse.

Anyway, just lucky enough to catch the diamond ring effect. As to editing a shot like this you have to be aware that the camera is being overwhelmed by the bright, bright sunlight coming back, the bright corona and the dark disk of the moon with all of that being surrounded by somewhat lighter sky around the sun. There is no way to catch all of that in a single shot and even in multiple shots is very difficult to catch. So, in editing you can choose to pick up the light sky or you can darken the sky and pick up the diamond ring. I picked the second option which was much closer to how it looked visually anyway. For me, that diamond ring will stick in my mind for a long, long time.